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10 Jan


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Earth Dog Annual Forecast

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If you are reading this then you have survived two very volatile years, congratulations. You are probably wondering – will next year be as crazy? The quick answer thankfully, is no but it won’t necessarily be quiet either.

What made the last two years so intense was both the clash between fire and metal within the Fire Monkey and Fire Rooster pillars plus the fact that fire by its very nature is volatile and transformative which made for some crazy change.

The energy of this year is Yang Earth over Yang Earth, the same element which means there will be less volatility and chaos this year. You can even see the this elemental sameness in the Chinese characters for Earth Dog 戊 戌 as they look almost the same.

Yang Earth is likened to a mountain, strong, steady, quiet, enduring, dependable. This year will largely be characterized by these qualities and we can expect things to move at a slower pace this year and be more stable than the last two years. Mountains are also the domain of the sages and mystics so this year will also be a year that supports quiet contemplation, meditation and spiritual cultivation. This is a good year to focus inward and to get more centered and grounded.

The imagery of Yang Earth on top of Yang Earth is like one mountain on top of another – not unlike one mountain moving under another as described by plate tectonics. It takes a lot to move a mountain but when it does there is an earthquake.  Unfortunately this signifies that this year could have more than its share of earthquakes so prone areas should more vigilant.

The proportion of the 5 elements in the birth chart of the year tells us even more about what we can expect from this year.  While this is an Earth Dog year the dominant element is actually fire so there will still be a great deal of change and transformation this year and movements spawned by the upheaval of the last couple of years will likely continue to press forward to bring about reform.

Dogs are known for their loving companionship and loyalty but they can also be territorial and aggressive. The strong hidden fire in this year points to heated tensions below the surface which could erupt in conflict and combat. Since water, the element of communication is in short supply this year we may see diplomacy break down and battles ensue. This year’s dog is more likey to be part of a dog fight than a pedigree contest.

Whether this dog year greets you with a wagging tail or bared teeth depends largely on what is in your chart. Find out what is in store for you personally this year in the Chinese Zodiac animal sign horoscopes which are coming up next, so stay tuned!

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