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I have been dowsing for several years in Connecticut, New York, and throughout New England and have been fortunate to have had some of the best dowsers in the world as my teachers and mentors. I use dowsing to help inform my Feng Shui practice, for Space Clearing, to identify Earth Energies such as those which cause Geo-pathic Stress and to locate sources of underground water for landowners in Connecticut and surrounding areas.

What is Dowsing?

Dowsing is an ancient practice that has been a part of cultures around the world for hundreds of years. Dowsing is most well known for its usefulness in locating sources of underground water, although it can be used to locate many other things as well.

Ultimately, dowsing is the ability to direct one’s intention toward posing a specific question about a specific target, and interpret the answer to that question by observing the motion of simple tools. The dowser poses a question while holding a small tool, such as a forked stick or small pendulum, and the tool’s motion indicates to the dowser the answer to the question that he or she posed.

How Does It Work?


Different dowsers have different ideas about how dowsing actually works. Whether is it a spiritual phenomenon or a simple quirk of human nature, most dowsers agree that it is something of a ‘sixth sense’ in the same way the some people experience dreams that come true or can sense the eyes of another person looking at them without actually seeing the person themselves.

There is a great deal of speculation regarding the nature of the dowsing response, but what is most important is that it works! Dowsers help locate sources of drinking water underground, find lost objects and people, identify energetic disturbances in the environment, and much more.

Water Dowsing in the Berkshires & New England:

In the Berkshires, like most areas of New England, there is usually an abundance of water flowing underground. Underground streams of water, called water veins, flow in wandering channels through the various strata of earth, sometimes intersecting one another and other times overlapping at different depths.

Water veins have many characteristics which are of interest to the dowser. Depth undergound, width, flow rate, purity, seasonal fluctuations, and existing use are among the many factors that dowsers consider when identifying a potential vein to tap.

Some of the important concerns for water dowsers when identifying a potential place to drill include the possibility of impurities in the water such as salt and sulfur, the possibility that a vein’s flow decreases during the summer months, particularly in prolonged dry spells, the possibility of hitting the odd clay deposit, and the possibility that the vein is already in use by another land owner and may not be able to provide additional water without disruption of service.

Why Hire a Dowser Before You Drill?

Using a dowser to help you with your well has several potential benefits. A dowser can help you identify the location of clean water underground and reduce the risk of needing filtration systems to remove impurities such as salt and sulfur. Dowsers try to find veins that are easily accessible whenever possible which means that you may save money on drilling costs if the dowser can find a shallow vein.

Dowsers also take into consideration other variables present on the land to be drilled, such as the locations of gardens and septic tanks. A dowser may be able to offer practical advice about where to best locate a well on the property with these things in mind.

Although no dowser is 100% accurate, dowsing is a time-tested way to improve your chances of locating clean drinking water that will provide for you throughout the year.

I enjoy helping people to find the most pure and available sources of underground water on their properties. I have dowsed for water in Connecticut, Vermont, and upstate New York.

If you are looking for a water dowser in the Berkshires and upstate New York  then please contact me to arrange an appointment. I will be in touch shortly!


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