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10 May


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Chasing Dragons in Taiwan

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My desire to deepen my understanding of the power of the landforms brought me to Taiwan last month to continue my Feng Shui studies with my teacher Joey Yap, and esteemed colleagues from around the world. This particular Feng Shui excursion had a unique focus because we concentrated on the Feng Shui of spiritual locations, of which there are many, in the environs of Taipei, Taiwan. We were chasing Dragons, another name for mountain ranges, to find and experience Meridian Spots and to examine the unique energy of these spiritual places.


The Yin He Cave Temple and Soul Water pouring down from a sacred waterfall

You see, Feng Shui is not so much about interiors and placement as it is about the Earth and the connection of our dwellings and ourselves to it. Each place on Earth has a unique quality and energy. Feng Shui is really about understanding the energy of a particular location in order to align ourselves with it, to reap the benefits that it can bring to our lives.

Over thousands of years, great masters have collected and handed down their accumulated wisdom in classic texts which contain the principles and formulas that allow us to learn to read and qualify the energy available to us in the landscape. Feng Shui masters of today spend many hours training and studying these classic texts, but there is only so much one can learn in the classroom.

To really understand Feng Shui, it must be experienced first hand by feeling the energy of a location in both body and soul out in the mountains or ‘Dragons’ themselves. There is no substitute for this type of hands on learning.


My teacher Joey Yap, explaining the rare land formation and Meridian Spot location at the Seven Star Mountain Temple

It was a particularly powerful experience not only because each location was a textbook landform example come to life, but also because most of these sites were also located on an actual Meridian Spot. A true Meridian Spot is a rare and potent concentration of powerful Qi that can only be produced under exceptional and very specific land formation circumstances. These formations are the highest ideal in terms of Feng Shui landforms.


Another view of the Double Headed Tan Lang Star which gives this pagoda temple its spiritual power.

In most locations we were able to experience the awesome power of a true Meridian Spot for ourselves either by sitting or meditating there to absorb the power of this Qi into our bodies. The simultaneous power, peace and perfect stillness of a Meridian Spot is simply sublime.

Now I know why these spiritual locations are so potent and why ancient sages went up to the mountains to meditate and pray. It is because when one is on an actual Meridian Spot, one can reach a point of stillness and peace almost instantly and receive a much faster connection to source. It’s the difference between dial up and high speed internet – truly remarkable!


The Table Mountain viewed from the top of the North Dipper Palace, a stunningly beautiful place

Another interesting aspect of these temple locations was that most were dedicated to specific intentions and concerns. Some temples focus on wealth and abundance, some wisdom and knowledge, and some health. The locations of these temples were not only powered by the immense Qi of a Meridian Spot, but also imbued with specific energy provided by the unique land formations surrounding the ‘Spot’. The specific type of Qi, dictated by the surrounding landforms,determined the spiritual focus and intention of each temple.

For example, the temple that was devoted to both physical and emotional healing was supported by a Wu Lou Gourd shaped land formation, and the temple devoted to wealth and prosperity was surrounded by ‘Sunken Head Huge Door’ land formations which are for Heavenly Wealth – wealth greater than an emperor’s.


Huge Door land formation visible framed by a tree which was visible from the Meridian Spot at the Red Cauldron Palace : Shrine of the God of Soil and Earth

The highlight of the trip was certainly our last location, the Yin He Cave, a cave temple high up in the mountain where one must enter into the mountain itself to tap the Qi of the meridian spot there. It was a rare land formation that one does not encounter often. We climbed many, many stairs to reach two small cave rooms, and walked behind a magical waterfall of Soul Water, to reach the alter. The energy of that location was very moving, I could feel my heart open and we all felt the buzz of the energy throughout our bodies.

The experience was powerful for me not only in terms of honing my skills and knowledge of Feng Shui but also for me personally and spiritually. It has changed the way I look at the world both literally and figuratively, and I look forward to sharing this deeper understanding with my clients and incorporating it into future Feng Shui projects!


Soul Water flowing from a sacred waterfall a the Yin He Cave Temple, and view of the surrounding dragons.

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