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Month of the Earth Horse – The Cauldron

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I have just returned from an amazing trip to China with my teacher Joey Yap to study Feng Shui landforms. One cannot learn all one needs to know about Feng Shui from a book; it is imperative to study landforms in person to learn to how to read the landscape and more importantly to experience the Qi of a powerful place.

Our journey to China focused on the Qi in spiritual locations.  We visited many extraordinary temples where masters and sages over centuries have harnessed the energy of these special locations for spiritual alchemy. We were able to observe how the flow of Qi in the landforms empowered these places and most importantly we were able to tap into this energy for our own inner alchemy, transformation, and prayers.

A notable feature at each temple were the ornate and beautiful cauldrons where incense burned sending prayers and intentions to heaven and throughout the temple courtyards. At each temple we visited we absorbed the Qi of the location and left our burdens and our prayers to burn in the cauldrons and prayed for the manifestation of miracles, hopes and dreams. Out of the ashes of those cauldrons miracles and powerful new beginnings have already come to fruition – its been a wonder to witness.

The hexagram for this month is #50 The Cauldron, it is one of the most auspicious hexagrams of the I Ching.  The imagery for this hexagram is fire over wood, like burning incense. The cauldron is used for setting an intention and prayer for a new and better situation to emerge, and for new positive beginnings. This hexagram is about getting out the old and bringing about the new. Its time to let go of problems and burdens, burn them in the fire and allow beautiful new beginnings to rise from the ashes.

The horse month is the month of  maximum fire as the sun is at its strongest as it reaches  the summer solstice. Use the fire of this season for personal change and transformation.  Let stale situations and problems burn in the cauldron and allow the beautiful new to take shape in your heart and mind.  Let the fire season fuel you to make the changes and the steps necessary to bring about new beginnings.

The image for this newsletter if of a Cauldron in front of a rare and special landform called ‘Praying Palms’ as the rocky mountain top in the distance looks like a pair of hands in prayer. 


Earth Horse Month June 6 – July 6


Rat People, this is your clash month you may feel the desire for change more keenly this month especially on horse days which are June 7, 19 and July 1. 

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30 June, Water Snake, Close Day
This is a day when the Qi is extremely low which does not support important activities. It is a good day for rest and relaxation, take some time off for yourself.


15 June, Earth Tiger, Success Day
This auspicious Dong Gong rated day is great for nearly any important activity where you want to be successful except for taking legal action. 


The worst sector this month is the North. It is best to continue to keep this area of your home or office quiet – conduct your activities elsewhere if possible.

The best sector this month is the Southeast  this month the energy of wealth and happy events are both in the Southeast. Try to spend as much time in this sector of your house as possible, and if you have a door here its the best place to come and go from your home.

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