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2015 November

05 Nov


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The Fire Monkey Year is Coming! Are You Ready?

05/11/2015 | By | No Comments

IMG_0003Greetings to you in these the last days of the Fire Dog month which has brought unseasonable warmth to New England. We may have more of the same with the impending Fire Pig month but I for one am not complaining.

I have just spent the weekend in New York City with colleagues from all over North and South America for my teacher Joey Yap’s annual Feng Shui and Astrology Seminar!

As always, this was an incredibly informative seminar with useful information on how to make the most of the end of the Goat Year, how to prepare for the Monkey year, and how it will impact you personally. The changing of the year is an exciting time ripe with possibility however, the atmosphere this year is also one of caution as the coming year may be volatile and unpredictable. Dato Joey Yap echoed the sentiments of other astrologers and market watchers with a warning that there could be changes in the global economy.  The coming year may also have a negative impact on health globally so this is a year to give extra attention to preventative care and to focus on wellbeing.

The good news is that you don’t have to be at the mercy of these global shifts but you can use Chinese Metaphysics to empower yourself and still get ahead in uncertain times.

To find out what the Fire Monkey has in store for you and how it will impact your environment simply contact me and together we can come up with a plan for your success. Also, be sure to check my Blog in the near future for my yearly forecast and annual star information.