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Feng Shui Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Will I have to re-decorate my space?
A. Not unless you want or plan to. A Feng Shui consultaion will make recommendations for changes that could be made, which often include re-positioning or re-purposing what you aready have. If you are open to it, suggestions can be made for new items that would be beneficial in key areas.

Q. I don’t care for Asian style, will a Feng Shui consultation work with my decor?
A. Interiors should be highly personal and filled with things you love that make you happy. Feng Shui is not about creating an Asian style decor, it is about creating a space that has a good flow of energy and that is aligned specifically for you taking into account your personal best sectors and directions. It is also about how to utilize your space to support your specific goals and make the most of the energy of the current time period.  

Q. We are about to re-model, should I have a consultation before or after we have finished?
A. Before! If you are interested in a consulation, doing so before you renovate or add-on could help you avoid issues regarding flow and layout that would be more difficult to correct afterward.

Q. I am feeling stuck and don’t really know where to begin, can a Feng Shui consultation help me?
A. Absolutely! A Feng Shui anaylsis of your space can identify blockages and help you to open up to opportunities and possibilities for growth

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