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2018 September

28 Sep


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Dorm Room Feng Shui

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Today’s Feng Shui Friday Topic: Dorm Room Feng Shui
I recently took my daughter to college for the first time, a momentous and emotional day for us all. Like every parent I want to see her succeed and do her best in school. The Feng Shui consultant in me wanted to use every tool at my disposal to evaluate her environment and to set her space up to support her.
When moving in anywhere, the first thing to consider is finding an auspicious date. We were extremely lucky because the date assigned but the school was not only one of the most auspicious dates of the year but it also combined with her entire chart to support her!
As with any Feng Shui audit, the most important thing to consider is the external environment. This was my first opportunity to see the building she was going to live and my first question was is this building receiving beneficial Qi from the environment?
Long lines at move in gave me ample time to see a very large Bright Hall immediately in front of the building where the Qi collects, and immediately after that the shore of Lake Ontario. These are both very positive external formations. A large body of sentimental water in the North is also the right location for water in this period of time. It was quite clear that this building is receiving exceptionally good Qi from the external environment.
A look to my right and to my left showed a very large building serving as a strong White Tiger and the other side was flat open space and had no Green Dragon embrace. This told me that girls would have more support in this particular building than boys which was also a good sign for my daughter.
Once inside, we used internal formulas to set up her room. A building that faces North and sits South is an East group building which means the best direction for my West Group daughter to align her bed and desk is to the West. I was so happy to see that there was a solid Wall in the West for her bed and that her desk could also face West. She could not be set up better in her new space!
It is a comfort to know that when you leave your child the positive environment will help to take care of and support them. Now that I know she is set up to take advantage of the good Qi at school my work here is done – I will leave the dorm decorating up to her.

24 Sep


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New Workshops & Classes

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Joyous Mid Autumn Festival and Harvest Moon greetings to you all!  

I am pleased to announce a number of upcoming workshops and classes that I will be teaching throughout the Northeast!  Each workshop and class is unique and promises to offer new insights and information to empower your life! Be sure to reserve your spot today!

Chinese Astrology for Health & Healing
Sunday, November 18, 2018, 1-3pm
Yoga For Everybody, 27 Unquowa Road, Fairfield, CT

Health is unique to each individual and your Chinese Astrology birth chart, which is integrated with the Traditional Chinese Medicine, can show you your unique health profile. Participants will learn how Chinese Astrology can be used to see areas of strengths and weaknesses, how timing can affect their health, how to gain the power of anticipation, and how to use this system for prevention and healing.

What’s Your Superpower? Discover and Awaken your Spiritual Gifts with Chinese Astrology
Saturday, December 1, 2018, 1-3 pm
Supersoul Yoga, 25 Main Street, Chatham, NY 

Are you ready to step into your power? If so, join us as we explore the insights that Chinese Astrology can offer for empowered and soul centered living. Participants will receive a copy of their Chinese Astrology birth chart to discover their spiritual super powers and learn how to awaken and empower them!

Chinese Astrology for the Year of Pig
Saturday, February 2, 2019, 1-3pm
Spirit Tree Connections, 987 New Loudon Road, Cohoes, NY

The Year of the Pig arrives on February 4 and with it new energy which affects us all uniquely. Participants will receive a copy of their Chinese Astrology birth chart and learn how to use the energy of the new year for better health, prosperity, improved relationships and success with their plans and aspirations.

Feng Shui for the Year of the Pig
Saturday, March 9, 2019, 1-3pm
Spirit Tree Connections, 987 New Loudon Road, Cohoes, NY

With the new year comes new energy into each of the 9 sectors of your home and office. Participants are encouraged to bring a copy of their floor plan to learn which areas of their space are the most powerful this year. Find out which sectors of your space you should target for improved health and wellbeing, to give a boost to finances and generally support your plans and aspirations for the year.

BaZi 4 Pillars of Destiny Astrology Course
Saturday, April 6, 2019, 4 days 10 am – 5pm  
American Academy of Metaphysics, Pittsfield, MA

Everything we do in life involves human interaction, whether its friends, family, clients or co-workers. Join me to learn the ancient wisdom of BaZi, also called 4 Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology, to gain insight into all of your interactions with the people in your life. Whether you want to study to become a professional astrologer or simply gain insight into your relationships with others, BaZi chart decoding is an incredibly useful tool for people of all walks of life and professions.

For more information or to register for these upcoming events, check my website or email me directly at

05 Sep


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Month of the Metal Rooster

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DSC_0120Metal Rooster Month: September 8 – October 7 

The month of the Rooster marks the midpoint of autumn, a pure yin metal month in this metal season. Yin metal is like sparkling diamonds or a pair of shiny earrings, beautiful and meant to be seen and admired.

Indeed the Rooster is an animal that likes to strut it’s stuff and turn heads. The Rooster is also a peach blossom or attraction star animal, which may inspire some to put themselves out there and mingle, make connections, and network. If the Rooster is your personal attraction star you don’t want to miss the opportunity this month affords you to be seen and noticed! If the Rooster is not your peach blossom star, then your time may be better spent on other areas of your life.  Just what to do depends on what metal means for you (see last month’s forecast

The hexagram this month is #62 Lesser Exceeding. The hexagram is thunder over mountain, but is likened to a bird as the lines of the hexagram resemble a bird with outstretched wings.  The advice of this hexagram is that the wise bird knows when it’s time to fly high and when it is time to lay low and return to the nest. It tells us that it is better to take measured steps to achieve small goals now and wait until the timing is right to pursue more lofty ambitions.

Timing is everything and this hexagram reminds us to be mindful of right timing. If the tide is against us better to reserve strength and wait to proceed until the wind is in our sails. Not only is timing everything, it is also personal and different for each person. This is a month to listen and pause before taking action. If you feel you can’t hear the rhythm of right timing on your own, reach out for help to find a strategy that is right for you.


Challenges this month may come to those with Rabbit in their chart, it can also be a catalyst for change so try to see the positive aspects of trying situations and heed the lessons they offer.

Romance may come to those who have the Rooster as their peach blossom animal, especially if you are a wood Day Master lady or a Fire Day Master man. If you are looking for love don’t let this auspicious timing pass you by.

Mentors and helpful people may show up for fire Yin Fire and Yang Fire Day Master people as the Rooster is one of your nobleman stars. Don’t go it alone, be sure to ask for help!

Don’t know what your Day Master is? Not sure if you have a Rabbit in your chart? Look up your chart for free here:


20, September, Wood Rabbit, Destruction Day

This date is the month breaker or the day that completely clashes with the energy of the month. As the hexagram this month warns this is certainly a day to lay low, return to your nest and save your big plans for another day.


10 September, Wood Snake, Success Day

This is an extremely positive day that brings to success to most undertakings with the exception of legal matters. If you want your plans to succeed be sure to launch them on a positive day like this and your chances of success with be increased. This day clashes Pig people so you may want to search for another positive date.


The worst sector this month is the East:. The volatile 5 yellow monthly star is visiting this sector this month. Best to keep the East quiet if you can and spend less time here if possible.

The best sector this month is the Southeast:  In addition to hosting the annual 8 or prosperity star, this month the 6 star which boosts reputation and authority makes this already positive sector even better. Spend as much time here as possible! 

Have a Feng Shui question? Be sure to post it on my Facebook page or send me a message and I will share the answer on one of my upcoming Feng Shui Fridays where I will be sharing Feng Shui tips and information, luck boosts and answers to yourquestions.

Interested in learning more about Chinese Astroloy and how to benefit from its wisdom? If so, be sure to reserve your spot in my upcoming BaZi Chinese Astrology course scheduled for April 6-9, 2019. It’s an invaluable tool to understand the people in your life and understand your interactions with them. For more information visit our web page: