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2017 December

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Month of the Water Rat

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The month of the Water Rat begins this Thursday, December 7, during the Dragon hour which is 7-9 am. In Chinese metaphysics when we refer to Chinese Zodiac animals like the rat, we don’t refer to them literally rather, we refer to them symbolically and metaphorically. You see, each animal represents a direction, a season, elements and imagery to help us understand the qualities these animals represent in a more tangible way.

This month, the imagery of the Water Rat is of Yang Water like the ocean above Yin Water like snow or ice – it is the image of an iceberg in deep, cold, winter water. It is darkness and depth and represents more below the surface than meets the eye.

This month we experience the darkest days of the year, and we cannot see as well in the dark. Much is hidden from view or even mysterious. Its a good time to dig a little deeper and to look a little closer at things, you may only be seeing the tip of the iceberg. There could be much more lurking beneath the surface and what you find could be surprising. The best way to get more information this month is through communication – sometimes if you want to know more all you have to do is ask.

The I Ching hexagram for this month is #51 called Thunder. The imagery of this hexagram is of thunder over thunder. Much like the pillar of this month, it is a doubled energy which brings intensity. This hexagram is likened to the shock and surprise that one feels when there is a loud clap of thunder. It can be surprising, shocking and even frightening. Usually, this hexagram refers to news or a life event that hits us unexpectedly and throws us off balance. Sometimes in life we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg an when we discover what has been hidden from our view it can up upsetting or even frightening. The advice of this hexagram is remain calm during these times and not to give into fear. Wait for things to settle and calm down before taking any action.


Water Rat Month December 7 – January 5


Horse People: This is your clash month and a time when the energy of the month runs counter to you, so it is best to use caution this month. Rat days may be especially tough as the clash energy is doubled up on these days and they are December 15 and 27.

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December 10, Metal Goat or Xin Wei day (Clash to Ox)

This day is a Danger day without many redeeming qualities. Luckily it also falls on a Sunday, not a day for big plans so best to take the day off and relax.


December 11, Water Monkey or Ren Chen day (Clash to Tiger)

A Success Day and a Three Star Dong Gong Rating: great for almost any important activity except traveling, moving house or marriage (ALWAYS consult a date selection specialist when choosing a wedding date).


Worst Sector South: The negative 5 yellow star has been residing in the South sector all year and this month the 2 Star or illness star is also here. If you are prone to illness best to sleep somewhere else this month. Keep this area quiet just a little while longer and avoid renovations or disturbing the ground in the South sector of your property. It won’t be long now, only one more month to go before the South transforms from a negative area to a positive one. You will find out all about that in my forthcoming Annual Forecast!

Best Sector Northeast: The Northeast has had Peach Blossom or Romance and Likability all year. This month this sector is getting a big boost and will be a powerful sector to use if you want to be noticed. Peach Blossom luck can make us more attractive both to the opposite sex as well as those we wish to make a good impression on. Since the Rat is also a Peach Blossom animal the chance for romance this month is high especially if you are sleeping or working in the Northeast sector.

The Rooster year is winding down now and January will be the last month of the year (in the Chinese calendar). Be sure to stay tuned for my annual forecast for the Earth Dog Year which is coming soon!

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