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2017 November

03 Nov


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Month of the Metal Pig

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Detail of metal pig sculpture by Trisha Moody-Bourbeau.

Detail of metal pig sculpture by Trisha Moody-Bourbeau.

The pig ushers in the first month of the winter season in the Chinese solar calendar. The winter is the season of water, a season of darkness and cold and the Pig brings with it deep Yang water. The fire of this year is weakening as the new year draws close and the water of the season is weakening it further.  Since Fire brings passion and optimism this month could see a dampening of optimism and a shift toward more quiet introspection.

The Pig is one of the Growth Star animals also called Travel Star animals. These Growth Star animals represent the new as they usher in the new season, they are also about expansion, forward thinking and even forward momentum. Rather than feel the let down that may accompany the weakening of fire, use this time to explore new ways of seeing things, new ways of doing things, challenge yourself to new growth and look for the possibilities that can take you in dew directions. This is also a great month for travel whether you are simply visiting loved ones for the Thanksgiving holiday or planning a personal get away.

Not only is the season of water good for travel but it supports communication as well, both the spoken and the written word.  This is a great time for diplomacy so let’s hope our world leaders use it wisely and negotiate rather than resort to violence. This is also a good time to have that heart to heart with someone, to speak up at work and ask for what you want, or to put pen to paper and write your story.

The I Ching hexagram for this month is #8 called Alliance or Union. The imagery of this hexagram is of water over the earth and describes a place where water gathers together on the earth like a lake. This hexagram signifies a time of coming together, joining forces, working together for a common goal. This is not the time to go it alone but a time for togetherness a time to support one another and share the load. Thanksgiving, which is also celebrated this month, is a holiday which perfectly embodies the spirit of this hexagram. It was because the Native American people worked together with the colonists sharing their wisdom and bounty that the colonists survived the winter. Today Thanksgiving is a time of coming together to celebrate and share our good fortune. This is a good month to carry that spirit of togetherness into all that you do. Don’t be a loner and don’t leave anyone out.


Earth Rooster Month November 8 –  December 7


Snake People: This is your clash month and a time when the energy of the month is not as supportive to you so best to use caution this month. Pig days may be especially tough as the clash energy is doubled up on these days and they are November 8, 20 and December 2 (still Pig month) .

I am taking a different approach to dates by giving you the best and worst of the month. Of course because we live in a Space – Time continuum date selection is the key to unlocking the energy potential in your space with Feng Shui. The best results come when you use a date that also connect to YOU personally: Heaven – Man – Earth connect!

*If you have an important event like a wedding, construction start, move in date, or business launch to plan it is best to have a personalized date selection analysis to ensure the best outcome.


November 26, Fire Snake or Ding Si day (Clash to Pig)

This day not only clashes the month and year but also lacks positive good stars to mitigate the negative energy. Avoid any important activities on this day and use caution in general as accidents are more likely.


November 16, Fire Goat or Ding Wei day (Clash to Ox)

A Success Day and Excellent Dong Gong Rating: great for almost any important activity except traveling, moving house or marriage (ALWAYS consult a date selection specialist when choosing a wedding date).


Worst Sector South: The annual 5 yellow resides in the South sector this year and this month the monthly 3 Star or argument star is also here. The 3 and 5 stars clash so the energy is quite turbulent here. Keep this area as quiet as possible and avoid renovations or disturbing the ground in the South sector of your property.

Best Sector East: This sector is a very positive one all year because the current Wealth Star or 8 Star resides here. This month the noble 6 Star brings not only prosperity but good connections and status. If you are looking for a promotion or to move ahead in your career this is the sector to spend more time in this month. The best way to tap this Qi is to use a door in this sector, work in this sector or sleep here to stimulate this positive Qi!