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2017 October

06 Oct


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Month of the Metal Dog

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DSC_0230This month, the Metal Dog month, brings the autumn season to a close and gives us a little glimpse of what next year could be like. How you fare with the dog around this month could give you an indicator of how the impending Earth Dog year might affect you.Those with Dragons in their chart may feel some discomfort and could even see some changes this month. For those with a rabbit in their chart, who have been feeling the clash of this year, the dog month may bring a welcome respite.

This month, pay attention to how you fare in the various areas of your life as this could indicate what you need to pay closer attention to in the coming year and where you may need more support.

For those who have been enjoying the benefits of the Rooster year, this is the time to make the most of it as the energy of the Rooster is winding down now and we are beginning to feel the effects of the Dog year creeping in. So don’t procrastinate, use this time wisely and make as much progress as you can while the wind is in your sails. As they say, make hay while the sun shines. If you have not been having a good time of it this year, just hang on, relief is coming.

The I Ching hexagram for this month is #12 called Stagnation. The imagery is of the earth moving down and heaven moving upward, away from one another, Heaven and Earth do not connect or relate to one another. Imagine if you will two people with their backs to one another, no communication or interaction between them. This is a time when things are slowed or sluggish and marked by a general lack of progress. You may find that you lack connections that you seek with others or simply a lack communication or understanding. It is also possible to feel that your plans are stalled and not moving at the pace you had hoped for. Don’t let the seeming setbacks get you down, its just a time when things have slowed not stopped. Resist the temptation to force things forward, the energy is just not with you at this time. Keep taking steps forward toward your goal even if they are small. Take this time to reevaluate your plans and keep your cool while you wait for things to move again. This too shall pass.

Metal Dog Month October 8 – November 6


Dragon People: This is your clash month and a preview of you upcoming clash year! You may find this month exasperating or rocky just keep calm and carry on carefully. Dog days may be especially trying this month as the clash energy is doubled up on these days and they are October 14 & 26.

I am taking a different approach to dates by giving you the best and worst of the month. Of course there are many other good days and not so good days this month, the key is finding the date that works best for you and your intended activity!

So, if you have an important event like a wedding, construction start, move in date, or business launch to plan it is best to have a personalized date selection analysis to ensure the best outcome.


October 14, Wood Dog or Jia Xu day (Clash to Dragon)
A day of intensified energy, not suitable for any important activities.

October 12, Water Monkey or Earth Goat or Ren Shen day (Clash to Tiger)
An Open Day and Auspicious Dong Gong Rating with an auspicious constellation, a great day for open houses and business openings, or beginning a new course of study.


Worst Sector South: The year may be winding down but the 5 yellow still rules the South. It’s best to continue to keep this area of your home or office quiet with infrequent use and as little activity as possible.

Best Sector South East: The auspicious 9 star harbinger of happy events and circumstances is in the South East this year and this month the 8 star which is the current wealth star joins this positive sector. This is the sector of your home or office where you should try to spend more time this month. Figure out which room or rooms are in the South East and use them, especially if they are seldom used rooms don’t miss out on the positive energy here!