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Month of the Fire Horse

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Month of the Fire Horse – Mythical Dragon Horse

The Horse month, which begins on Monday, June 5, is the peak of the summer season. The Horse always brings a lot of fire but this Fire Horse month is as much fire as possible for any month. It certainly won’t be boring.

The horse neither clashes nor combines with the Rooster year but both are peach blossom, or attraction star animals, so this is  a month that will ignite romantic feelings and many will find themselves in the mood for love. If you are single this is a great month to get into the dating scene, and a good time for couples to rekindle the spark that brought them together in the first place.

While fire may bring passion, this intense fire can also bring anger, rage and erratic thinking. Tempers could flare up this month and tensions that have been simmering are likely to boil over. This dynamic will play out both on the world stage as well as closer to home. Luckily, you can have some impact on situations close to you. If things get heated stay calm, keep your cool, communicate and discuss any issues in the early stages before things get out of hand.

The hexagram this month is #28 Great Exceeding. Just as the extreme fire energy this month has reached its zenith, this is a time when things have come to a head; a time when extraordinary situations call for extraordinary measures. The meaning of this hexagram is derived from the imagery of the 6 lines themselves in that they resemble the main, load bearing beam in a house which is sagging under great pressure and about to give way. The roof is about to crash on you and if you standstill you will be crushed – you have no option but to move out of the way!

The advice for this hexagram is pretty direct, a situation around you has become extreme or unstable and you can no longer stand idly by, whether you like it or not you must act now. In high pressure situations, and during times when change is thrust upon us, it is easy to be sad or fearful but Confucious’s advice is that one should not give into fear. Sometimes difficult things are brought into our lives to bring us to something, somewhere or someone better. If you can muster some faith and take action then you will find success.

Important Dates:
Fire Horse Month June 5 – July 6


Rat People: This is your clash month so use caution in general especially on Snake days which are June 12 & 24 as the clash energy is doubled up on these days.

These are the days that are generally inauspicious for everyone, days to use caution on, and unsuitable for important events or activities.

Month Breaker: These days, which are also Destruction days, are days with unstable energy, days when things just don’t go right or tend to fall apart – hence destruction. Caution is urged especially for Horse people as these are also your personal clash days and they are June 6 & 18.

Year Breaker: Though not generally as volatile as Month breaker days, these are still days to take it easy and to be vigilant, especially Rooster people since these are your personal clash days and they June 9 & 21.

These are the days that are generally lucky for everyone, except those who clash with it. These are great days to plan important events or activities.

Success Days: June 8 & 20 – Success days generally bring good outcomes for all endeavors except for legal activity. Since Success days are Tiger days this month, Tiger, Horse, Dog and Pig people will see the most benefit from these days. (Clash to Monkey people).

Initiate Days: June 5, 17 & 29 – For those looking to begin a new health or exercise regimen, Initiate Days are the perfect days to get started! Pig, Rabbit, Goat and Tiger  Dog, Tiger people especially will benefit from the energy of these days (Clash to Snake people).

Remove Days: June 13 & 25  For those more concerned about shedding a few pounds for the beach or date nights, Remove days are the perfect day to start a new diet because they will support you in shedding those unwanted pounds! Goat, Rabbit, Pig and Horse will benefit the most from these days (Clash to Ox people).

*If you have an important event like a wedding or business launch to plan it is best to have a personalized date selection analysis to ensure the best outcome.
*Don’t know what animals are in your chart or how they may affect you? Contact me for a personalized astrological chart reading!
Overall, the volatile energy of the month is seen in each of the 9 sectors of the home as well, no single palace has any outstanding energy, some are better and some worse than others. On the whole my advice is to take advantage of the warm weather and spend as much time outdoors enjoying nature and the long days as possible.

SOUTH: This month the #8 star which is the current wealth star, visits the south which is a pity really because no one should be activating or spending any more time in this sector than is absolutely necessary. Best to forfeit the money energy this month and continue to keep this sector peaceful and quiet.

SOUTHWEST: The month has quite enough peach blossom energy already, but if you really want to activate more then you can use the Southwest sector of your home. This month the #1 star is visiting and creating a peach blossom combination with the annual #7 star. This is also a good sector for those who rely on their silver tongue to earn a living as it gives a boost to showmanship and sales.

SOUTHEAST: The number 3 Star which is a wood element star comes to the southeast feeding the #9 fire star that is there for the year. The boost that this energy gives to this positive sector means it continues to be a great place to activate by spending time in. However, the #3 star can bring arguments and disputes and in a month when tempers are touchy just be prepared to deal with a few disagreements that may ensue.