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2016 August

01 Aug


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The Month of the Fire Monkey

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Monkeys on the steps of the Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Fire Monkey Month  August 7 – September 6

The imagery of the Fire Monkey is of the sun setting in the west, of heat and daylight fading.  However, like sun glare when you are driving into the west at sunset, it can be quite intense.  Despite the heat of August, the Monkey month is actually the first month of the autumn season in the Chinese solar calendar.  In fact, the first mini season of this month is called “Coming Autumn” and the second is called “Heat Ends”.  The days are growing shorter now and while it is still hot there are hints of autumn’s arrival like a chilly night or a turning leaf here or there.

The last two months we have had the energy of 2014 and 2015 with us bringing up our past to show us where we have been so that we know where we want to go. This month we have the same energy as that of the current year, double Fire Monkeys, which for many may be too much.  At the beginning of the year most Chinese metaphysics consultants, myself included, warned of a crazy year ahead and as the rise of Trump and the Brexit vote exemplify, that has proven to be true.  This month we have the crazy unstable energy we have been dealing with this year squared so to speak.  My advice for this month is to lay low, rest up, take a break and do what the I Ching Hexagram of the month suggests.

Because this month pillar is the same as the year pillar the Hexagram for the month is also the same as the year which is #40 Relief.  In music if a word of a song is repeated it is done so for emphasis and this repeated hexagram is for emphasis as well, so heed the message.  The Relief hexagram is about finding alleviation from anxiety and stress.  The best way to relieve stress and anxiety is to simply take a break.  This is the perfect month to take a vacation or holiday which can provide much needed relief from the worries of our lives and from troubling global events.  This month be sure to take time for the people you love, for simple pleasures, unplug from screens of all sorts (especially the news) and enjoy the last of the warm days.  Even if you can’t take a proper holiday simply stop to enjoy the fire monkey imagery in a beautiful sunset.

Important Dates

Tiger People: this is your clash month in a clash year so you are particularly vulnerable, especially on Monkey days which are August 18 & 30 – no skydiving or other dangerous activities on these days please.

These are the days that are generally inauspicious for everyone, days to use caution on and unsuitable for important events or activities.

Month Breaker & Year Breaker: This month we get a two-for-one or let’s just get this over with approach to inauspicious days.  This month the Month Breaker is also the Year breaker and those days are:  August 12 & 24, use caution in general.  (Clash to Monkey people)

These are the days that are generally lucky for everyone, except those who clash with it, and great days to plan important events or activities.

Success Days: August 14 & 26 Success days generally bring good outcomes for all endeavors except for legal activity.  (Clash to Dog people)
Remove Days:  August 7, 19 & 31st These are good days to let go of what no longer serves you and to just let it go.  Remove  days are also good days to to let him or her go, therefore suitable break-up days as well (Clash to Rabbit people).
Initiate Days:  August 11 & 23. Initiate days are good for starting new things and beginning new projects – a day to start off on the right foot so to speak. (Clash to Goat people)

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If you have a very important event to plan it is best to have a personalized date selection analysis done to ensure the best outcome.

Feng Shui 

In General:  Hopefully you will be outdoors seeking relief more than you are indoors this month.  However, if you do find yourself indoors here are some areas to pay closer attention to.

Center or Tai Qi:  This sector has the #2 Earth or illness star for the year and this month the negative #5 Yellow Earth star is here as well.  If you have not added metal to this area of your home yet this would be a good month to do so.  It is also a good idea to keep this sector as quiet as possible with as little activity as is possible and certainly no construction or renovations.

Northeast: This sector has the most inauspicious energy of the year and this month the current #8 Earth wealth star is here.  Since we do not want to do any activations in this sector this year best to continue to keep it quiet and look for other ways to boost your wealth luck this month.

Southeast: This sector is one of the best for the entire year already and this month it also has the #4 star which is peach blossom or romance luck.  If your goal is making connections with people, especially those of the opposite sex, then this is the are of your home to spend as much time as possible this month.  The 4 star also supports learning and education so if you are taking a summer course this is a good area to read or study in.

Wishing everyone a safe and relaxing August! ~Namaste